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Indigenously crafted primary research, through the eyes of an expert. Nextyn IQ is a technlogy driven research platform, that delves into insights through expert calls, a library of transcripts, coupled with public & private company data to help our clients stay ahead of competition.

Over 150 companies trust Nextyn IQ’s AI powered research platform

The Nextyn IQ Platform

Research can be time consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. With Nextyn IQ’s AI powered primary research dashboard, you can now get access to expert insights, primary transcripts, financial data and news, at the click if a button. We analyze over 100 million data points to give you insights that drive decision making.

Tap into an unparalleled network of experts with
Nextyn IQ
  • Browse and search our extensive library of qualified experts
  • Our experts come from 70+ industry segments & sub-segments
  • Click & consult based on your availability & convenience
  • Access call recordings & AI generated transcripts for your internal expert calls
Browse our library of existing expert call transcripts to stay ahead of industry trends
  • Access a vast library of transcripts from expert interviews conducted by the team at NextynIQ
  • Credit based unlock system, to enable your team to build a knowledge base on the industry of your choice
  • Over 100 new transcripts added every week
  • Like a transcript ? Schedule a consultation with the very same expert to dive deeper into the insights
Private and public company financial data
Get access to all financial and non financial data of Public & Private companies in India.
  • Access comprehensive financial data for companies across industries, presented alongside expert commentary and analysis
  • Get financial statements and other non public information for all active private companies in India
  • Get access to news on private & public companies
  • Access earnings calls & transcripts of public companies in the Indian market
Curated news on companies and industries to keep ahead of market trends
  • Stay ahead of the curve with a curated feed of industry news, market trends, and company developments, handpicked by our expert team
  • Create a watchlist for news from companies or industries
  • Access AI powered summaries of news articles to cut straight to the insight
  • Speak to experts who can delve deeper into news articles to help create an investment thesis

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Nextyn IQ?

Nextyn IQ is an AI-powered search engine for primary market intelligence in India. At the heart of Nextyn IQ (and the reason our customers love us) is our proprietary and market-leading technology that uses machine learning and NLP to help users extract insights in seconds from millions of previously disparate business data sources.

What content is available in Nextyn IQ?

Nextyn IQ focuses on providing access to four main content sources:

Panel of Experts: A large panel of experts that cover over 30 meta industries, across the globe.
Expert Call Transcripts: Access to a research library of vetted call transcripts from pre-conducted expert calls by the team of analysts at Nextyn IQ.
Public & Private Company Financial data: Get access to all public and private company financial statements and ratios.
Market News: Link your research to up to date news, from leading publications.

Who uses Nextyn IQ?

Nextyn IQ is used by world's leading management & strategy consulting firms, Private Equity & Venture Capital firms and corporates from a diverse range of industries.

Knowledge professionals, from individuals, to teams and leaders, across industries and roles rely on Nextyn IQ to enable strategic decision making.

Industries typically served include: information technology, industrials, media, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, energy, consulting, asset management, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, investment banking, sell side equity research, and more.

Functions commonly served include: competitive intelligence, market intelligence, corporate strategy, business strategy, business intelligence, investor relations, corporate development, M&A, business consultants, business insights, commercial assessment, pricing/access, investment teams and analysts, financial analysts, financial planning & analysis, options analysts, equity analysts, macro analysts, market analysts, credit analysts, portfolio management, financial research, venture capitalists, private equity, corporate librarians, and more.

How does Nextyn IQ’s Pricing work?

Nextyn IQ’s pricing is based on the number of expert calls, transcripts and private company financial information you access. Pricing is based on a credit based system, ensuring you pay for only what you use. To learn more about our pricing, schedule a demo. 

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